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Bring Me Your Toughest Problem


In addition to customary commercial terms (hourly, daily, lump sum), Ken Battle Services offers a contingency-based payment. This "share in the success" approach is designed to eliminate client costs if the objective is not achieved. If success is obtained we will share the DEMONSTRATED savings or new profit.

How do we begin?

Send me a one page non-confidential statement of your biggest problem or most urgent development. Tell me what the value of achieving success is to your company. I will quickly tell you if I think I can work with you to resolve your issue. We will then establish parameters for success and I will begin working on the solution. Only when success is achieved and demonstrated, I will be paid a percent of the value gained by your company.
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"Bring me your toughest problem or most urgent development. Ken Battle Services prides itself on rapid response and meeting client expectations every time."
Ken Battle